1. All salmon and grilse caught between the 1st March and the 31st March (inclusive) MUST be returned to the water as soon as possible and with the least possible injury. This means that any badly bleeding fish or any fish which dies after being caught between these dates must still be returned to the water.

  2. No prawn/shrimp fishing AT ANY TIME.
  3. No livebaiting AT ANY TIME.
  4. All beat owners shall keep a record of salmon angling effort for the season, indicating the numbers of rod days fished in each month of the season, and shall enter that record on their catch return form sent to Marine Scotland.


  1. All salmon and grilse caught after the 31st March but before the 1st June MUST be returned. Any badly bleeding fish caught between those dates which are killed are to be the property of the beat owner.
  2. ALL sea trout OVER 2lb in weight MUST be returned – for the ENTIRE SEASON.
  3. ALL salmon OVER 10lb in weight MUST be returned – for the ENTIRE SEASON.
  4. NO worm fishing before the 1st June.
  5. NO worm fishing after the 30th September.
  6. Between the 1st June and the 30th September worm fishing shall be permitted only using a hook with a minimum size of 1/0.
  7. Fishing with a bladed spinner (such as a “flying C” or Mepps) shall only be permitted if the spinner is fitted with one single hook – for the ENTIRE SEASON.
  8. A maximum of 1 salmon/grilse to be killed per angler per day PROVIDED that if the angler is a non-syndicate or visiting angler he or she has booked a minimum of THREE days fishing (which do not require to be consecutive days).
  9. A maximum of 2 salmon/grilse to be killed per angler per week SUBJECT to paragraph 8 above.
  10. A maximum of 2 sea trout (under 2lb) to be killed per angler/day.
  11. A maximum of 4 sea trout (under 2lb) to be killed per angler/week.
  12. ALL FEMALE salmon to be returned after the 30th September.

Revised 13
th October 2021

Water Watchers needed!!!!

The Board is asking for volunteer “Water watchers”.
This is to take the pressure off our one full time Bailiff, and any one who signs up to become a Water watcher will be covered under the Boards Bailiff insurance.

The river needs your eyes to keep it safe and healthy.

Any one wishing to sign up should contact the Head Bailiff Mr. M. Crosbie on 07798 653 740

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